Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I talk to you abaut little summary of the going. For me this experience was better because in the first day visit musseum butterfly exhibition,in this area I look different tip the plants,animals in special the butterfly.

Next visit Terracotas musseum in this site exhibition different form statue China,anyway then we went to the Motel to leave luggage,we took a shower and went out to eat. At night we visited Remah Boardwalk for experimentthe games,after return the Motel to sleep.

The other day we rose early in the morning all to go NASA we reached the site and so we started to view different type of job of the atronauts. In this places I look diverse forms of atracting people of the other country for example IALS group . The
experience is very good fo me,because for first visit this site more important in the world.The after we went beach to take picture,swimming and finally return to the home.

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