Thursday, January 28, 2010


The activity star Tuesday the last week, everybody we up in the morning for going to Bamberger ranch. In this site the IALS group participle and collaboration also share for the Central American young people, in the instruction and guide.
For me this class is important because it helps in the learn of personal hospitality is near the tourism center. But Alost usually contribution more recognized, clots the other people ideas for personal fundament.
Day after day present different ways of learning about life and the progress of my community. I will share these experiences when I return to my country. In the other talk about history of Bamberger ranch: this person is important identify the fantastic his life because have much knowledge and experience for work near this tourism issue. But Alost his idea is conserve the animals, water in special protect the environment .His give the examples of his jobs, student of Costa Rica, Salvador, Panama,Guatemala,Nicaragua,and IALS student.
Has been an experience important during the 3 day because gave me ideas for tourism promotion in diferent forms,depending on area, prectice hospitality.

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