Thursday, March 11, 2010


This event was organized by the English class introctors, Jeremy and Anna. Each one country prepared and cooked typical food. We went to cook in the Jewish kitchen. First, we split up so each person could more quickly do their job in the kitchen. The finally we ended up cooking after storing the food, being careful not to create any contaminations.
This event is important for because learn to recognize the capacity of the each person in the job, the responsibility, hygiene and leading ship. This work and experience is effective for my life because give many ideas for similar job star in my region.

Generate jobs, good and developing tourism but at a time may be impacts to the environment and society as a change of culture, language, food, clothing, traditional beliefs among others. Population growth, urbanization, industrial development, the mechanization of agriculture, the irrational use of natural resources.
Ensure that the educational community aware of the relationship between man and environment, interest in him and have the basic knowledge required in addition to skills, motivations and desires to work on finding solutions to problems current environmental preventing future problems.
The idea is more educated people for understand the advantages and disadvantages in the environment.

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