Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today Im going to talk abaout the dance performace and power point presentation put on by the
CASS and IALS goup. In the particulr activity there were different points of view demostrated by each culture. For example, Nicaragua demostrated typical dances and beatiful places within the country Salvador presentation dance, exposition the craft, clotting. Peruvian presentation the variety gastronomy (much food) next Colombia presentation dance salsa and Cumbia.This activity is important because everybody have opportunity to recognize the different culture. Also is principal for me listening and understand this culture, because give ideas for tourism area.
The activity is for focus demonstrative we capacities for facilitator in our countries, communities. Also is possible search other alternative for foment the good tourism, ecology and culture.Finally everybody participle in the activity after the committee culture invited for each one person for refreshment .In the personality thinking is nice this idea in my region. For integrated the people on other communities, change objective dream for the future, next go to home.


This opportunity is important for me and mi group OPECOBO because is one opportunity for demonstration the resources and culture the different country’s Peruvian,Colombian and Bolivian. For the moment I and my partners are preparing the exposition this topic.

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